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porn saite ranking
This website is one of the biggest popular adult sites and has over 10,000 Porn videos!

Triple-X membership Cheats Safety Guide.

Since 2 or more new videos will be added every day to the massive video library, you may never get to finish watching them all. You can enjoy its wide range of contents for only $35 per month. It will be perfect for those who want to enjoy many different kinds of adult videos for a reasonable price.

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Everyone in the world knows this website!
This super popular site is like the king of adult sites!

Caribbean.com movie

Caribbean.com membership Cheats Safety Guide.

From beginners to advanced fans of uncensored adult sites, many people have become members of this safe and popular website at least one time!

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This site is especially loved by people who are crazy about hardcore nasty hot mature women porn!

JUKUJO-CLUB membership Cheats Safety Guide.

You can watch lots of aggressive mature women doing hardcore and perverted stuff!
This site is continuously holding many events, which are basic yet fun to join!

porn saite ranking
It's the world-first HD uncensored Japanese She-Male adult movie site!
You will be addicted to this wonderland, once you’ve tried it!
Newhal fclub

Newhalf club membership Cheats Safety Guide.

You can watch many cute and beautiful Japanese She-Male, including popular actors, on this site!
At first, you might think it's a girl, however he has his big suprise in his pants!

porn saite ranking
This is the best website if you want to watch Japanese peeping tom/candid shots movies with high quality.

1919GoGo.com membership Cheats Safety Guide.

This website distributes peeping tom movies made using the latest camera techniques and devices. You will be surprised at the clearness and the quality of the movies. The adult movies on this website include various categories such as, the series that impresses all peeping tom lovers, molestation series, point of view movies of porn stars/amateurs, fetishism and other minor categories. More than 2 new high quality movies are added every day!

   About This Website.

Thank you for visiting This Site. I'm running this site and I also love watching adult sites.

Since I'm obsessed with adult videos/images so much, I've been running several adult sites using my favorite porn stars or images for a few years.
In the meantime, more and more people started joining adult pay sites through articles or the contents on my websites. I'm really happy that through my websites, more people are enjoying adult websites just like me.

On the other hand, I'm upset with frauds and false claim sites targeting people who enjoy adult sites, have been on the rise using advanced techniques online.

Similarly, more and more free websites have been appearing to lead visitors to vicious websites to make money. These kinds of websites often don't have real adult contents.
They trick visitors and send them around from one site to another to earn higher positions in adult site rankings.

That's why I started this website to introduce the truly safe adult sites and how wonderful it is to enjoy adult contents on these sites as well as try to wipe out the vicious free websites!

However, this website is still one of many adult sites.
It must look suspicious for people who are not familiar with adult sites.

For those people, I've digitized the number of people who have joined adult sites through my websites and are actually having fun on adult sites right now! That's the theme of this website.

In daily life, if you're about to purchase something, you would feel safer if you could check the reviews and see how popular the item is from the people who have bought it.
As well as, important information such as "which item is popular among people" or "which item has sold well".

If you're wondering "how people are feeling about adult pay sites?" or thinking "I've decided to join one adult pay site, however I want to check if it matches my taste" or "I want to see the reviews of adult pay sites", this website will be a great reference for you.

I will be more than happy if you evaluate the adult pay sites (monthly) that I recommend!    

   About the calculation method used for member numbers
   to create the ranking

The member numbers ranking on this website focuses on only Japanese uncensored adult movie pay sites. The member types can be divided into monthly and pay-per-view, however I will not count the pay-per-view member numbers.

The reason is because I think monthly members and pay-per-view members have joined adult sites with different purposes.
If I mixed both member numbers, the result would not be fair.

It's similar to the situation in where I'm counting and mixing the member numbers of an adult sex chat and a dating live chat all together.

By narrowing the target to those who are interested in or thinking of joining Japanese uncensored adult movie pay sites, I'm offering information and contents just for them.

The ranked numbers shown have started counting from January 1st, 2009.

The calculation method for the total number

  • Joined for one month = 1 point
  • Joined for three months = 3 points
  • Applied for one month of continuous use = 1 point
  • Applied for three months of continuous use = 3 points

The more time people join for, the more points the site gets just like shown above.
Technically this ranking will be called "ranking of the new member numbers + present members".
You can refer to the ranking and see that if the site gets more points, the more new and present members the site has.


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